2013 Pitchfork Primer – Youth Be Served, But Respect Your Elders

… it’s the freakin’ weekend baby, ‘m ’bout to have me some fun.  -r.kelly

20130710_pitchfork_91Yeah, it’s that time of year again.  Pitchfork’s showcase of young emerging artists blended with a nod to indie stalwarts and heroes of yesteryear.  Maybe more so than any year, the 2013 Pitchfork Festival illustrates the increased diversification and expansion of the indie online-periodical’s musical breadth.  Is this a good thing?  There are those who might claim Pitchfork has reached into realms outside its “proper reach” or beyond  the quirky, fan-boy zealotry for weirdo and curio bands, but I don’t know if I agree.  Music has right to all its children and over time tastes and predilections change.  But enough of that stuff, we can discuss this on the grass at Union Park.  In the meantime, some rather serious business is at hand.  Who should you go see at the Festival?  I’ll admit my unabashed school-boy enthusiasm to see Bjork for the first time after 20 years of hearing her on headphones.  Also, I can;t wait to see Stuart and co., aka Belle & Sebastian (or as my friend PG once dubbed them the Buena Vista Scottish Club) dance mirthfully dancing around on stage with that 60s baroque pop charm of theirs.  Or the grizzled vets like The Breeders (last time I saw them was in 1993!), Yo La Tengo, or Low, all of whom have made music for some time (ok Kim Deal and co. took some time off).  But, those guys you know….

What about the rest of the field?  I’ve got some suggestions (Don’t I always?).  Also for more details go to http://pitchforkmusicfestival.com/

Well, here are the 10 bands that I’m most eager to see:

Read below or listen along here:  Pitchkfork 2013 Primer: A Playlist

*(I recommend playing on shuffle)

Waxahatchee (Sunday 3:45 – Blue) – Katie Crutchfield’s work as Waxahatchee is a rare thing.  At one moment, it delivers a crushing blow to the gut with its lyrical sincerity and then evokes a euphoric impassioned angst the next minute.  In 2013, Katie (an Alabama native) has given us Cerulean Salt, my favorite 2013 record to date, a record that alternates between muzzled pop harmonies and raw-lo-fi punk-y folk/roots rock.  To the former, layer in Katie Crutchfield’s piercing and pleasing vocals and you have the perfect roller coaster ride of emotions to get you rolling around.

Angel Olsen (Friday 5:15 – Blue) – One of the most beautiful and captivating singers and songwriters I’ve heard in a long time.  I caught her sold out set at the Hideout (a small intimate corner of the world) in February and it was spellbinding.  Her sound is rooted in a/n America/na that is magical, otherworldly, and, at times, brutal and sad, yet authentic and redeeming, leaving you wanting more. 

Solange (Saturday 7:25 – Red) – Beyonce’s little sister certainly has the soul and voice to wow like her sister but she tends towards the slower grooves with a decidedly late 80s/early 90s pop R&B vibe.  Grab a girl or a boy and head over for a chill dance party break for the evening. . .

Savages (Saturday 4:15 – Green) –These English proto/post-punk rockers are loud, fast, and aggressive combing a little of the dark, relentless drone of Joy Division with the dance-like sensibility of Gang of Four but fronted by a Patti Smith sounding lead singer.  From all accounts they put on one of the best live shows.  I can’t wait! Note:  Bring earplugs and avoid the front (some slam-dancing likely)

Foxygen (Sunday 1:45 – Red) – The duo known as Foxygen come from another time or perhaps a world where time doesn’t exist because their music is rooted in a surreal past blending psychedelia and blues in such a pleasing way you wonder if you are dreaming.  Having seen them perform at Lincoln Hall earlier this year, I can tell you these gents are talented and brilliant live when they are on.  About half way through their set that night something was off and watching them deal with imperfection was a sight to behold.  For the flower-power kids this is your chance to spin and whirl like dervishes.  Drop in and tune out, man.

Autre Ne Veut  (Sunday 1:55 – Blue) – Another opportunity for grooving to some pleasant pop R&B.  Don’t worry.  You don’t need to get too low, move too fast, or juke for this kind of music.  It’s more of the close your eyes and just let Autre Ne Veut’s Prince-like falsetto serenade you and guide you through the early afternoon.

Julia Holter (Saturday 1:55 – Blue) – What does walking into a dream feel like?  For me the music of LA based experimental pop artist Julia Holter is just that.  Gorgeous gossamer layers of baroque pop juxtaposed with sparse classical-like compositions will get you floating into. . .

Chairlift (Sunday 5:45 – Blue) – Many people complain about 80s synth-based dance music.  I don’t understand what is wrong with them.  Perhaps they just dislike fun.  Chairlift’s sound is ecstatic, energetic, emotional, and ebullient, bursting through 808s or moogs, entreating you to let go and dance with abandon.  How can you resist?

Phosphorescent (Saturday 2:30 – Green) – Nestled somewhere between the languid and expansive rock of Joshua Tree era U2 and the southwestern flair of Calexico, Alabama native (that is two if you are counting at home) Matthew Houck’s music is reverie inducing and the perfect way to let the week and the world melt away.

Andy Stott (Saturday 7:45 – Blue) –Downtempo electronic music is still somewhat under-appreciated in the U.S.  People are never quite sure what to do with or how to move to it; at times it has a film soundtrack quality and at other times it seems almost sleep-inducing.  Watching English DJ Andy Stott spin could help ameliorate this problem.  His work is layered with pregnant beats and an unrelenting bass groove that keeps one constantly at attention.  By evening’s end you’ll likely find your shoulders and hips shaking. (Stream here on YouTube)

…and yes there is so, so much more and very talented artists I’ve missed, but that is what I’d recommend and will be prioritizing.  However if you want to see my full dance card day by day (which always makes me think of Godspell #musicaltheatregeek) see below.  Note: Bold denotes my can’t miss; Italics are also recommended.


3:20 Frankie Rose (BLUE) (Dream Pop)

4:35 Mac DeMarco (GREEN) (Folk Rock)

5:15 Angel Olsen (BLUE) (Americana Folk)

5:30 Woods (RED) (Neo Folk/Surf Rock)

6:15 Mikal Cronin (BLUE) (Pop/Surf Rock)

8:30 Björk (GREEN) (Sui Generis)



1:55 Julia Holter (BLUE) (Dream Pop)

2:30 Phosphorescent (GREEN) (Neo Folk)

2:50 Parquet Courts (BLUE) (Punk)

3:20 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (RED) (Rock)

4:15 Savages (GREEN) (Post Punk)

6:15 The Breeders play Last Splash (GREEN) (Baroque Pop)

6:45 Low (BLUE) (Baroque Indie Rock)

7:25 Solange (RED) (Pop R&B)

7:45 Andy Stott (BLUE) (Downtempo/Electornic)

8:30 Belle & Sebastian (GREEN) (Baroque Pop)



1:00 DJ Rashad (BLUE)(Hip Hop)

1:45 Foxygen (RED) (Psychedelic)

1:55 Autre Ne Veut (BLUE) (R&B)

2:50 Blood Orange (BLUE) (R&B)

3:45 Waxahatchee (BLUE) (Folk/Punk/Lo-Fi Rock)

4:15 Yo La Tengo (GREEN) (Baroque Indie)

4:45 Sky Ferreira (BLUE)(Pop)

5:45 Chairlift (BLUE)(Indie/Baroque Pop)

7:25 M.I.A. (RED)(Hip Hop/R&B)

8:30 R. Kelly (GREEN) (Hip Hop/R&B)


Bounce, bounce…. 



A P’Fork 2012 Primer – Recs & Suggestions

When I posted a couple of weeks back that I was selling my three day pass to this weekend’s Pitchfork Festival, a number of friends reached out to me, concerned about what might be keeping me away. I guess my unbridled enthusiasm for Chicago’s best music festival (sorry Lollapalooza, not only is your lineup weak but the setup and ticket prices make you uninspiring to this one) raised an eyebrow or two. The reason was quite simple: a very good friend was getting married this weekend. Although I love live music, friendship comes before concerts. Always. And, I am very excited and eager to celebrate with my friend and forego three days in Union Park.

That being said, I still have lots of thoughts and opinions about the bands performing this weekend. So, for those descending upon Union Park for the finest weekend of music in the City, here are my “quick” thoughts on which bands to check out. (‘Cause let’s be honest, I’m not always good with being succinct.)

Note: The following is organized according to acts that I’d be most excited to see (and in backwards order). I’ve also included some additional bands to consider adding or subbing in.

Friday July 13th, 2012

  1. Purity Ring (8:30 on Blue Stage) – A downtempo and dance electronica duo who offer the perfect combo of groovy beats and chill wave to ease out the night. (They conflict with the headliner Feist, but see my thoughts below.)
  2. Dirty Projectors (7:20 on the Red Stage) – Either you love their esoteric and experimental melodies and rhythms or you find them pretentious and difficult to listen to. Clearly I’m of the former camp and would love to hear the ladies and gentlemen of DP croon “Stillness is the Move” and “Temecula Sunrise”. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  3. Japandroids (6:15 on Blue Stage) – Hands down one of the best live acts I’ve seen in the past decade in terms of precision and power and from just two dudes! [Can’t Miss!!!]
  4. Wills Earl Beal (4:15 on Blue Stage) – A unique and spellbinding performer that mixes Memphis Blues, gospel vibrato and American Folk into a strange and brilliant concoction.
  5. Lower Dens (3:30 on Red Stage) – If you enjoy a great 90s sounding guitar rock band with a penchant for long instrumentals, then you should totally check this Baltimore group out. I saw them earlier this year and was captivated.

Additional Great Stuff

  • Olivia Tremor Control (4:35 on the Green Stage)
  • Feist (8:20 on Red Stage) – I adore Feist’s recorded material, but I tend to avoid solo acts at these outdoor venues especially on the large stage because their vocals get lost in the mix and the performance feels underwhelming. See Destroyer’s set last year. Not his fault. The mix was awful.
  • A$AP Rocky (5:30 on Red Stage) – I think he’s got really great beats and rhymes.

 Saturday July 14th, 2012

For the record, there is just too much good stuff on Saturday.

  1. GodSpeed You! Black Emperor (8:30 on the Green Stage) – One of the most amazing, mind-blowing live sets I have ever seen. I am prone to hyperbole, but, in all honesty, it was a show that left a very memorable impression on me. For those unfamiliar with this band, they are a musical collective from Montreal composed of some of the finest musicians in North America. The whole set is instrumental with some recorded “found sound” interspersed throughout. Grab a drink, pick a spot in the grass, sit back and just enjoy a live music experience unlike any other. [Can’t Miss!!!]
    1. Grimes (8:40 on the Blue Stage) – Okay, so here’s the thing. I raved about GSYBE above, but if I were going to be there I think I’d run over to see the first ten or 15 minutes of Grimes’ set and the head back to GSYBE. I adore Grimes’ record and fascinated to see her turn it into a live performance. Plus I would probably need to come down a little from my Hot Chip dancing high and she has a far mellower dance groove.
  2. Hot Chip (7:25 on the Red Stage) – This is the perfect lead up to GSYBE! Get ready for an upbeat and dance focused set from this group of indie dance music maestros. They’ve got a DJ mixing it up on the turntables. They’ve got Alexis Taylor in crazy outfits pumping up the crowd. And, they’ve got music to get your hips and feet a stompin’. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  3. Sleigh Bells (6:15 on the Green Stage) — This NY city duo put out one of the most riveting and invigorating rock records of 2012 to date. Alexis Kraus’ vocals will both lull you a pleasant state of euphoria and pierce your side. So definitely don’t miss out. And be ready to jump, sway, and get sweaty. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  4. Wild Flag (5:15 on the Red Stage) – …and speaking of rocking.  Love these ladies. I’ve seen them three times in the last year and each set is better, tighter and more expansive. It’s very likely they’ll play new material and some fun covers. But it’s most certain they will ROCK your socks off. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  5. Youth Lagoon (3:45 on Blue Stage) – Trevor Powers (aka Youth Lagoon) blew me away with the subtle and precious power of his record, The Year in Hibernation. If you are worried about whether it will get lost in the live performance, have no fear, his live set is stellar.
  6. Cloud Nothings (1:45 on the Red Stage) – From lo-fi power pop to pristine produced pop and dirge punk, CN are a young and exciting band that will infuse your post brunch/lunch mellow with a much needed shot of adrenaline. In other words, this is your P’fork caffeine jolt of the day. (And in case you are wondering what to do between CN and YL, walk over to Flatstock Poster Festival and check out some of the great poster and print artists on display. Look in particular for the Bird Machine and Crosshair. Or bid on the Rock for Kids auction items!)

Additional Great Stuff

  • Chromatics (6:45 on the Blue Stage) – Dreamy Fuzz pop and Shoegazer electornica outfit out of the Northwest who evoke shades of My Bloody Valentine and pre-Technique New Order. Given all the heavy hitters surrounding them, it might be hard to squeeze them in, but in case this is more your scene, I’d definitely check them out.
  • Danny Brown (7:40 on the Blue Stage) – Undoubtedly one of the best new rappers on the scene and evoking the word and beat heavy still of the mid 90s. He’s got swagger and a unique vocal talent.
  • Nicholas Jaar (4:45 on the Blue Stage) – If you need an afternoon mellow melt, go check out Nicholas who offers up great downtempo and ambient textured work.

Sunday July 15th, 2012

  1. Vampire Weekend (8:30 on the Green Stage) – Although this is a band that inspires a great deal of ambivalence among the music fans, I absolutely adore what they do and are great live. They will leave you feeling on high note. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  2. Beach House (7:25 on the Red Stage) – Amusingly enough, I actually saw BH open for VW a couple of years back. In 2012, they are clearly the band with a great claim to Indie-Rock buzz power. Bloom is one of my favorite records to date and I believe they will be ready to impress. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  3. Kendrick Lamar (4:45 on the Blue Stage) – Section 8.0 was one of the best hip-hop/rap records of the past year that went under the radar. Kendrick is part of the growing wave of young artists that are helping to bring Hip-Hop/Rap back to its mid 90s glory days by placing clever rhymes and topical narratives ahead of over produced “guest appearance” laden tracks. He might be an “unknown” to many but he’s about to blow up. [Can’t Miss!!!]
  4. Ty Segall (3:20 on the Red Stage) – Loud and aggressive fuzzy, punk infused rock. A perfect compliment for a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon.
  5. Thee Oh Sees (2:50 on the Blue Stage)
  6. Milk Music (1:50 on the Blue Stage)

Additional Great Stuff

  • Oneothrix Point Never (5:45 on the Blue Stage) – If you want a change of pace to something a little more of the hardcore electornica scene, shimmy over and get your groove on with OPN.
  • Real Estate (4:15 on the Green Stage) – I’ll admit I don’t “love” this band even though they make music I should like. I think it’s pleasant and worth checking out, but I’d put them on my backburner.
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra (1:45 on the Red Stage)

At the end of the day(s), when you have this many talented and exciting musicians gathered in one space over the course of three days, you can’t go wrong. For your reference, here is the full lineup with times and locations.

For those attending, have a great weekend and make sure to keep yourself hydrated!


Updated Concert Information!!

…as promised an updated slate of concerts for the next couple of months.  As always, links to tour dates are embedded in band name and links to purchase tickets for Chicago dates embedded into venue name. (Note:  Shows in Bold are those for which I already have tickets and will be in attendance.)

P.S. If you see any glaring omissions or shows you are excited about let me know via the Comments.  I’ll add!

I Can’t Wait For:

Run! Don’t Walk To See:

4/20 – Cults @ Metro

4/20 – the Jezabels @ Lincoln Hall

4/22 – Record Store Day @ Your Local Record Store (← for closest venue or The Vinyl District a GPS based App for record stores)

4/24 – Lambchop (the band) @ Lincoln Hall

4/28 – Tortoise @ Empty Bottle If you’ve never seen these Chicago stalwarts, you NEED to see them if only to witness one of the finest and most captivating drummers/percussion sections of any group out there.

4/30 – Frankie Rose @ Township

5/3 Spiritualized @ the Metro

5/4 M83 @ the Riviera – (Sold Out) Saw M83 four years ago at the Empty Bottle, I’ve rarely been so tired from dancing or drenched in sweat (except for LCD Soundsystem) as I was that evening

5/5 Carolina Chocolate Drops @ Lincoln Hall

5/9 Childish Gambino @ the Riviera

5/10 – Justin Townes Earle @ Park West

5/10 – Ty Segall and White Fences @ Lincoln Hall

5/11 St. Vincent @ the Vic Theatre (SOLD OUT)

5/12 Andrew Bird @ Auditorium Theater Rumor has it that there will be snacks.

5/16 – We Are Serenades @ the Empty Bottle

5/16 – The Cranberries @ the Riviera Theatrethey seem to be waltzing back into our lives.

5/16 — Active Child and Balam Acab @ Lincoln Hall

5/17 – Xiu Xiu @ Lincoln Hall

5/20Kurt Vile and the Violators @ Lincoln Hall

5/21-22 – The Beach Boys @ The Chicago Theatre

5/24 – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros @ the Riviera Theatre

6/1-6/3  – The Antlers, BBU and more @ Do Division Festival (Division and Damen)

6/15-17 – Pitchfork Music Festival @ Union Park  featuring: Vampire Weekend, Feist, Godspeeed You Black Emperor, Cloud Nothings, Grimes, Kendrick Lamar and many more!

6/22 – Dinosaur Jr. @ Subterranean (Sold Out)

6/23 – Dinosaur Jr. @ Green Music Fest (Damen b/w North and Schiller) FREE!

6/24 – the Raveonettes @ Green Music Fest (Damen b/w North and Schiller) FREE!

7/8 – Wilco, Andrew Bird and fireworks! @ The Kane County Cougars ballpark in Geneva, IL

7/10 — Radiohead @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheater (Tinley Park, IL)

7/27 – Best Coast @ the Vic Theatre

8/3-5 – Lollapalooza @ Grant Park featuring Jack White, Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, the Weeknd, Justice, the Alabama Shakes (ed. note:  not thrilled with lineup but will keep you posted about midnight shows!)

8/10-12 – Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco

9/7 – Bruce Springsteen @ Wrigley Field

OutLaw Hip Hop: Odd Future’s Mixtape Vol. 2 and BBU’s bell hooks Mixtape

Odd Future – the OF Mixtape Vol. 2

Odd Future (or OFWGKTA) is the name of the hip hop, rap collective based out of L.A. featuring among others Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt. Last year, I missed the Odd Future set at the Pitchfork Music Festival because I was watching the Women’s World Cup Final, which the U.S. lost in a heartbreaker to Japan on PKs. At the time, I was not too familiar with OF’s music or the controversy surrounding their presence at the Festival. Domestic violence groups were protesting their inclusion and sought permission to host a booth on the Festival grounds. Although their request was denied, groups did protest outside the Festival grounds, expressing their opposition to OF and the messages contained within some of their music.

I offer this back story because I think it would be irresponsible of me not to at least address the issue of OF’s at times highly questionable representations of women and violence in their lyrics. One could easily take the approach of discussing the group’s musical and lyrical skills while make a passing reference to OF depicting “their reality”.  This, I would argue, is a dismissive pseudo-cultural relativist tactic; however, I will not judge those who choose to take this approach. As a progressively minded person, I cannot, irrespective of their talent as beat-makers or wordsmiths, disregard that it is difficult not to find the depiction of women and references to women as “bitches” both offensive and dangerous. (For the sake of thoroughness, I will note that not one but two current major network shows contain a not so sly allusion to “Bitches” in their titles, see GCB and Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23. Personally, I find the casual and “comical” usage of this term in a nationwide TV program even more problematic as it attempts to “normalize” this practice. But, I’ll leave further commentary to the media critics.)  But, says the devil’s advocate, aren’t OF merely representing the world that they live in and isn’t this a valid way of expressing an alternative point of view? Difficult to say from afar, but I think one can represent reality without necessarily promoting systemic verbal means of oppression, see the local Chicago collective BBU’s the bell hooks Mixtape (discussed below).

Stepping back to the music, the OF Mixtape Vol. 2 evokes the rhyme dominated hip-hop of the 90s by groups like Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and De La Soul. The production is minimal and the beats are basic, allowing Odd Future’s clever word play and rhyming to come to the foreground; simply look at the nostalgic closing track number, “Oldie”– a song that lives up to its title by evoking shades of Tribe Called Quest, in particular. The track is essentially a recorded old school freestyle rap, featuring all the members of the Odd Future collective laying down rhymes in their distinct manner to one simple, recurring sample for the entire 10 minutes. The highlight comes at song’s end when Earl Sweatshirt Tyler, the Creator (ed. note, attribution error, thanks to PG for catching) throws down a direct retort to OF’s critics: “radical is my anthem, turn my fucking amps up, so instead of critiquing and bitching, being mad as fuck, just admit not only are we talented we are rad as fuck.” I have to admit, the contents of the mixtape support his claim. But, OF isn’t just being confrontational, they also weave into the mix satirical tracks such as “We’ve Got Bitches”, which incorporates and scoffs at standard tropes found in “bling obsessed” rap. (Given what I discussed above, I have to wonder if OF is more conscious of the use of certain terms and are making  a meta-commentary about these tropes? Jury is still out.) Also, there are the soulful chill-out jams like “Analog 2″ and “White” evocative of Innervisions-era Steve Wonder and Neo-Soul, hip hop artists like Musiq.

Listen to the entire OF Mixtape Vol. 2 here (via Spotify).

BBU – the bell hooks Mixtape

“…this is a wake-up call, so how many of you will answer?” – Malcolm London

Chicago based BBU’s bell hooks mixtape begins with the arresting verses of the young Chicago poet Malcolm London‘s “Wake Up Call. The poem is a tour de force conjuring a vision of Chicago as a Katrina-ravaged wasteland where “if you haven’t noticed the cemetery seems more populated than the streets.” But, as the title indicates, it is also a clarion call to pay heed to another vision of hip-hop culture – not stories of “weed”, “Nikes” and “urban gear”, see “Michael Scott (skit)”. To me the bell hooks Mixtape is social critique at some of its finest moments, lampooning both left and right, questioning a President who promised change and interrogating the Tea Party and the Right about its internal hypocrisies, see “Jumpers”. BBU do not traffic in the trappings of consumer culture unlike many of their peers, instead they promote the values of education and civic duty in songs like “Wrong Song”: “I wanna see you hit the poles, I’m talking about voting girl, you know cause I love it when they’re smart.” Rather than name dropping labels, they name drop the architects of 20th Century Black Thought (e.g. bell hooks, Audre Lord, James Baldwin, Gil Scot Heron, Ella Baker, and many more). Although most of the tracks are sly and playful in tone, the mixtape’s most powerful number is the lyrical onslaught of “26th&Cali” (shorthand for the house of horrors that is the Cook County Jail) revisiting the dystopic imagery of London’s opening verses: “My city is like a zoo, My city is like a zoo, these crackers keep us in cages, we crazy when we get loose.”

Yet, if you aren’t listening closely, you could easily get lost in the house party beats and rhythms of songs like “Outlaw Culture” and “The Hood.” BBU prove that you can produce a socially conscious and critical record to which you can groove and jam. Isn’t this more powerful than engaging in somber and self-righteous tomes?  Consider Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, one of the great rock diatribes, the song succeeds not simply because Dylan captured the cultural zeitgeist with his caustic and colorful lyrics but because it invoked popular folk-rock conventions that seeped into the cultural consciousness. I’m not suggesting BBU are the 21st Century personification of Dylan.  However, they do follow in a tradition of socially critical art that seeks to both entertain and educate, resembling another great hip-hop act of the 90s BlackStar (aka Mos Def and Talib Kweli) who choose to focus on stories of Black Empowerment as opposed to the violence and the hustle that dominated late 90s rap.  Last, if you listen closely you’ll hear a very familiar song/sample in “Kurt De La Rocha” (a fascinating title mash-up that says a lot).  Interestingly, this is the second hip-hop record of 2012 that samples Nirvana’s Nevermind (see “Smells Like Teens Spirit” from the Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio (previously discussed)).  Without reading too much into this, I will say that it speaks to the lasting power and influence of that record to this day.  Rather than continue to over analyze this record, I urge you to take your own journey through this astonishing release and please share it with others — these are voices and stories that need to be heard.

Stream or download the entire the bell hooks Mixtape for free here.

And for something completely different

  • Check out this phenomenal live performance (along with a mini-interview) by one of my favorite new artists of 2012: Grimes (via NPR) or if you haven’t heard Visions click here (via Spotify)
  • Or, if you need something to allow you to ease into weekend’s end, then try out Barcelona based John Talabot’s trance-inducing, electronic record Fin — you just might feel like you are sitting on the sands of Ibiza.

Adios from the peanut gallery,